Series EC80 ExactComp Flowmeter InterfaceExactComp EC80 Flow Computer

The ExactComp EC80 Flow Computer is state-of-the-art flow computer/signal processor delivering significant improvements in processor speed, flow algorithms and hardware platform. The unit's compact design includes dual-rotor frequency inputs, as well as temperature and pressure analog inputs for either single- or dual-rotor turbine flowmeters.

Features include:

  • Compensation for viscous and inertial effects due to fluid temperature and pressure variations
  • Enhanced Digital Signal Processing (DSP) enabling exceptional signal characterization
  • 32-bit floating point processor at 150 MHz with a process latency of 100 µS
  • Uncertainty: ±0.1% of reading over repeatable range of the flowmeter
  • User-friendly interface with selectable outputs, as well as a constant K-factor for meter interchangeability
  • Packaging for remote, direct or embedded mounting

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Exact Flow Computer Flowmeter InterfaceExactComp IFC15 Flow Computer
Extended Range Fluid Compensation
Flowmeter Interface

The ExactComp IFC15 is the ultimate electronic processor, providing total compensation to enhance flowmeter accuracy, while extending the linear flow range.

Features include:

  • Dual-rotor frequency inputs
  • Temperature RTD
  • Pressure analog inputs
  • Total of four outputs (analog current or voltage, frequency and RS485)

The ExactComp IFC15 Flow Computer tracks all variables to compensate for viscous and inertial effects due to fluid temperature and pressure variations. Our enhanced Digital Signal Processing (DSP) technology allows exceptional signal characterization and fast response to output dynamic data in engineering units. The ExactComp IFC15 provides significant improvements in flow meter accuracy under extreme temperature conditions.


ExactComp IFC15 Flow Computer Interface Software

Software Interface
The ExactComp IFC15 software graphical user interface is intuitively easy and allows powerful characterization of process signals, output signals and liquid properties.


Exact Flow Computer Software Interface
  • Identification and comments
  • Input linearization
  • Output characterization
  • Instantaneous data
  • Liquid properties
  • Data logging
  • Configuration and service history is stored directly in processor
  • Stores and recalls configuration software compatible with Windows 95 or newer operating system

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